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Patrick Boivin / Le Queloune

I'm a French Canadian autodidact movie maker. I'm also the director of Phylactère Cola, a French Canadian TV show.

Patrick Boivin - Le Queloune

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Six of our finalists were chosen by the authenticated community votes, and the Openfilm team selected the remaining four. The Openfilm Advisory Board is already reviewing the Top Ten. They will soon decide the filmmaker who will win $50,000 cash and a $450,000 financing contract to adapt their short film into a feature.

Patrick Boivin / Le Queloune

I'm a French Canadian autodidact movie maker. I'm also the director of Phylactère Cola, a French Canadian TV show.

ahpfilms / The Secret Adventures of Mr. Grant, Case #118

I'm an aspiring filmmaker who loves directing & writing! Have a huge passion for film. East-coaster from Brooklyn now in LA. 1st generation American. Came to the site cause I'm a big fan of Duvall & Caan, and thought it was a great place to share some of my stuff. Hope to get to know some of the other filmmakers. Grew up on Hitchcock & Twilight Zone. Besides directing and writing, I wear many hats (DP, Editor, etc) and I'm gearing to shoot something low budget in 3D. A lot of my stuff has been ultra low budget (don't have a lot of $ or equipment but I love the low budget way of improvising!), so haven't really had the opportunity to work with a crew - just my friends, but looking forward to doing bigger & better things with them!Kindly watch my favorite - The Secret Adventures of Mr. Grant, Case #118

Alfred Thomas Catalfo / The Stag Hunt

Alfred Thomas Catalfo is a screenwriter, director, producer, member of the Screen Actors Guild and attorney. He was a winner or finalist in 21 major screenwriting competitions in three years with three different feature scripts. He wrote, produced and directed the Web hit THE NORMAN ROCKWELL CODE, a 35-minute spoof of The Da Vinci Code that was featured on The Must List ("Ten Things We Love This Week") in Entertainment Weekly and had one million online hits in three months. The Library of Congress selected The Norman Rockwell Code for inclusion in its Film Collection which features works by American filmmakers chosen on the basis of their historical, cultural or aesthetic significance. His latest films include THE STAG HUNT, a 20-minute, Hitchcockian thriller about probability theory, quantum mechanics, and an unhinged triggerman, and BIGHORN, a 15-minute, supernatural historical fantasy. His website is

Frog Island Films / The Enemy Immortal

Frog Island Films is Paul Stacy and Tonua Carano. We are storytellers that have a great desire to tell our stories through the media of film. We're not technical experts, we don't have access to great equipment, and we have no budget to work with. But, armed with a decent pro-sumer camera, a cheap lighting kit, and shotgun mics mounted on a painter's pole, we've managed to find a way to tell our stories. We hope you enjoy our films, and we hope, someday, to get a financing opportunity so that we can partner with tehnical experts, gain access to better equipment, and share our stories with a wider audience.

Peter John Ross / Accidental Art

I have produced, edited, and directed several award winning films. My debut feature film Horrors of War has worldwide distribution. I have written articles for Moviemaker and Videomaker Magazines, and just published my first book TALES FROM THE FRONT LINE OF INDIE FILMMAKING. I'm also an Aquarius and love bowling.

Katie Mahalic / Michael Saints

Katie Mahalic is a native of beautiful and sunny Davison, MI, a small town outside of Flint, MI. She attended Columbia College Chicago where she graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts in Film and Video. While continuing to make films, Mahalic teaches film and video classes at the Art Institute of Illinois. "Michael Saints" has won several awards, the most recent being the Audience Choice Award at the Hollyshorts Film Festival in Los Angeles. Mahalic is currently in post-production on a feature length documentary and continues to write scripts in her free time.

Jacob Mendel / Zlatá Rybka (The Goldfish)

Jacob Mendel is an independent filmmaker and works freelance as an editor and cinematographer. Jacob is currently studying film at the University of Michigan and has recently finished a study abroad at The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). Jacob's specific interests include the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, The Museum of Jurassic Technology, 1920s New York, 1980s Japan, rare books, the function of memory in cinema, insomnia, synesthesia and flying machines. His filmmaking can be found online atá Rybka (2009) Eschatology (2009) The Waking Artist (2009) The Cobrasnake (2008) Rooms (2008)

Josh Wagner / Adam Funn

Josh Wagner is a writer/producer currently alive and well in Missoula, Montana. He creates short films, stage plays, comic books, and novels. Brad Wilson is a director and composer based in Seattle, Washington, where he codes software for a living. Jon Aaseng is a USC graduate and the award-winning cinematographer of the documentary, "Maxed Out". Jon currently lives with his wife and two daughters in Frenchtown, Montana.

Jason Eli Lewis / STARS

This is Jason’s directorial début in short films. Mostly known for his work in commercial editorial, Jason has worked with such clients as McDonalds, Nissan, Sony Playstation, Energizer, NFL Network, and Motley Crue.Jason graduated from the University of Southern California after moving to Los Angeles from Elmhurst, Illinois.

The official finalists will be announced and viewed by the Advisory Board who decide the winning film. Stay tuned for announcements.

Le Queloune

Le Queloune

Description: Everybody's afraid of zombies... But try to imagine your self waking up from the dead... How would you feel?